10 Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress have over 60 million users who have chosen WordPress as the platform for their website, as is state on their official webpage. Main reason is because WordPress is extremely customizable CMS software; therefore users can achieve almost anything with it. Second thing is developer support which is amazing, and there is such enormous number of plugins available, most of which are free to use. We are going to present some of the most vital WordPress.

1. Content Aware Sidebars
If you are switching from other content management systems such as Joomla, you will soon discover the require to allocate widgets to exact pages or posts only. WordPress don’t have that options and therefore the Content Aware Sidebars plugins can be very handy.

10 Best WordPress Plugins
2. Enhanced Text Widget

Text widget that comes with WordPress is helpful, but it’s short on a lot of significant and essential features. That way the Enhanced Text Widget is on our list, because it basically enables a more feature-rich text widget for you to utilize.

3. BackupBuddy
Almost every business that has a website needs to contain a mode to back-up website on a usual basis. Website back-ups are supposed to secure and restore in a tiny phase of time. That it precisely what BackupBuddy does. It lets you to generate full or fractional back-ups of your WordPress website including database and precious plugins.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast is without a doubt the best SEO plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can control almost everything form page titles and meta descriptions. There isn’t mush WordPress websites without this plugin.

5. Akismet
Spam is the worst kind of thing that can happen to your website, and Akismet is probably the best tool that can help you to win that battle. Setting up Akismet is as easy as can be, all you have to do is go to Akismet.com and register to get a WordPress key.

6. Visual Composer
This plugin will transform the default WordPress page editor into a vigorous feature-rich editor that allows you many things such as adding columns, bonus image galleries, accordions, even tour sections, or call-to-action buttons, videos, and many much more. So if you are looking for visual impression then this is the best plugin for you.

7. Gravity Forms
If you are using your WordPress website for business, then you will need some forms which allow you to collect information from your users. There are certainly many WordPress form plugins, but Gravity Forms comes with best set of features, and that way this is our favorite form plugin.

8. Digg Digg
Social media and WordPress come hand in hand, so you better start taking advantage of. The Digg Digg plugin adds a hovering box on your website so users can effortlessly share the page they are on.

9. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is a free WordPress plugin that every WordPress need to have. It can be a little devastating at initial use, but start slow and test all feature watchfully, and you’ll see the real power behind this plugin.

10. 404 Redirected
This plugin will forward traffic to the suitable content as well as pass PageRank to the accurate pages. Very useful thing if you are having large WordPress website.