Interesting Christmas Wallpapers for your WordPress Themes

The 25 Days of Christmas would be the days starting Christmas Day (25 December). This era can be referred to as Twelvetide and Christmastide. The Twelfth Night of Christmas is always about the night of 5 January, however the Twelfth Day can both precede or follow the Twelfth Night in accordance with which Christian tradition is used. In certain cultures, the very first day of the twelfth day of Xmas and Epiphany (6 January) overlap.

It’s a good practice from webmasters to update their website designs during Christmas season. We are sharing some great Christmas Wallpapers which you can also use on your site. Our favorite source for Christmas is, from where you can use any image for free:

1. Frosty Christmas Bokeh
Frosty Christmas Bokeh

2. Christmas Milky Way
Christmas Milky Way

3. Red Snowy Christmas Background
Red Snowy Christmas Background

4. Christmas Winter Ice
Christmas Winter Ice

5. Magic Christmas Background
Magic Christmas Background