Templates for Business Card Design

Business cards needs to speak for themselves. Even if you are a small business owner or you have a great company design of your business card is very important. Smartest and the easiest way to beat your competition is by creating amazing business card. To get a most of templates for business card design click here.

When we are speaking about business card design there’s no formal rules. You can go pretty creatively, as long as you stay within your business philosophy. So, try to work with wood, plastic and metal cards. Or you can go with standard paper and size bust a creative approach, or these days popular Google-like design, even minimalistic some creative cuts and shapes. Most crucial part is that your business card needs to have an eye-catching design. So, either you go for graphic, typographic or just some extraordinary ideas keep in mind that your potential business partners need to put eyes on your business cards as long as they can.

So, we are going to give you some few advices how to put your ideas to work that business card of your company be even more successful. After reading this article you’ll get a perfect dose of creative rush so that your business start blossom this spring.

Plastic, Metal and Wood

If you want to draw a little more attention, then you’ll need to try unorthodox approach with new materials for your business card. Unusually textures and great looks is what make cards from these materials so beautiful and perfect. So, either you are first time on market or just try to give some extra boost to your business this is a wonderful way to do it. Everybody with your new card in hands will be impressed, and buzz around your company is going over the top.

Standard size, but creative designs

There is nothing wrong with a standard size of business cards, as long you go pretty creative with it. When somebody takes your business card the first impression is what counts the most. So, if you want to get that effect on your potential business partners you will need to put a little bit more umpf in visual department. Plain and boring business card design is part of yesterday. Go with some good creative tagline so that your future business partners remember you by. Mixture of color is always good option if you are looking for the amazing first impression.

Google-like Business Card Design

Business Card Design
Everybody is familiar with a Google design, so it’s smart way to use that factor for your own business card. Base your template around Google-like search look. It will be a pretty witty and smart, and what count most is impression that you will get from others. Best thing you can use is certain keywords for your business so you’ll get a smart tagline along with a wonderful business card.


If you already brand yourself among other similar business then a minimalist approach is what you’ll need from your business card. Recognizable logo or tagline is enough to draw attention. Even with minimalistic and simple design your business is going to get perfect feeling like your company is in blossom and fully lost on self-esteem which is always a good thing when we are speaking about the business. Creatively you can go in all direction as long as you keep number of object on your business card minimal. So few words and a logo – the less is always more in a business world these days.

Creative shapes & custom cuts

If your business leaning towards creative works you can play with a creative cuts and custom shapes of your business card. Some of your potential business partners even expect to see that kind of business card from you. It a statement and it need to be perfect in any way. Wonderful mix of colors and unusually shapes are always good thing. So, if your business is not 3.5 x 2 inches type then you’ll need to play with some creative cuts to draw attention.

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